The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, according to LA

Joe’s cup, earthy delight, java concoction, the brewed elixir, or the energy draft… coffee goes by an assortment of aliases. No matter what you dub it, it represents a lifestyle for numerous denizens of Los Angeles. To honor this, we’ve handpicked the top 10 Coffee Haunts in LA, which are more than mere spots to procure a mug of coffee; they serve as venues to congregate, engage, and savor the blessings of nature’s stimulant gift.

Indeed, there’s a multitude of contenders in LA that could earn the ‘BEST’ badge, but the ones listed here have a special place in our hearts. If you have a recommendation that you believe deserves our attention, don’t hesitate to let us know.

iced coffee outdoors at Alanas Coffee Roasters in Mar Vista

Premier Coffee Destinations in Los Angeles

Bricks and Scones

  • Address: 403 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles 90004

Run by a family, Bricks and Scones provides a homely space for a comforting coffee experience. This coffee haven gives its customers the opportunity to have their own workspace with a dedicated desk and lamp, making it an ideal location for focused work. Additionally, the café menu features a range of sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items. They offer top-tier coffee and a diverse selection of teas from Lupica Fresh Tea.

Alana’s Coffee Roasters

  • Address: 12511 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista 90066

Situated along the lively Venice Blvd., Alana’s Coffee Roasters features outdoor seating both at the front and rear. It’s a hot spot that’s often buzzing, so arriving early is recommended to secure a seat. Since its opening, the café has been a local favorite. The unique charm is that they roast their beans in-house. A bonus is the plentiful parking – a scarce commodity in LA.

Taza Coffee House

  • Address: 11 West Huntington Drive, Arcadia 91007

Taza’s mission revolves around providing an excellent coffee experience in a congenial and social environment. Nestled in the core of Arcadia, Taza sees coffee as an enabler of incredible social exchanges. The café specializes in artisanal espresso and coffee beverages made to order, and also offers Sugarbloom pastries and Fosselman’s ice cream. Taza is more than a coffee shop – it’s a lifestyle.

Coffee In A Los Angeles Mug

Verve Coffee Roasters

Multiple locations, including.

  • Address: 8051 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles 90048

Originating in Santa Cruz, Verve has extended its presence to three different spots across Los Angeles. Their latest addition on 3rd Street has quickly gained favor among the LA residents. Verve has pioneered the ‘farm level initiative’, seamlessly connecting the coffee farmers to the city streets, providing an exceptional cup of fair-trade coffee.

Urth Caffe

Multiple locations, including

  • Address: 2327 Main St., Santa Monica 90405

Urth Caffe was established in 1989 as an enterprise promoting eco-friendly, natural home products. Over time, it has evolved to become a prominent player in the organic coffee sphere. The term “Urth” is a variant of Earth from old Welsh, and “Caffe” is the Italian term for coffee. Together, “Urth Caffe” signifies organic, heirloom coffee beans with a touch of ancient earthly essence. With five outlets spread across Los Angeles and the latest one in Laguna Beach, Urth Caffe delivers an exceptional coffee experience.



  • Address: 55 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena 91105

Intelligentsia, an exceptional coffee house originally established in 1995 in the Windy City of Chicago, has since spread its wings to three different venues within the City of Angels, Los Angeles. The Pasadena outlet is the third branch in the city and prides itself as the most expansive one. Utilizing a rather capricious 12-kilogram roaster, the coffee at Intelligentsia is freshly prepared each day in time-honored German roasting equipment, bestowing upon it an unmistakable flavor. Every Intelligentsia outlet in Los Angeles flaunts a unique ambiance and character that mirrors the quintessence of the surrounding neighborhood.


  • Address: 1636 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles 90026

LAMILL Coffee, a company proudly headquartered in Alhambra, California, swears by its unique roast-to-order approach, promising an unparalleled experience with each sip. Its retail store in Silverlake proffers a range of drip coffee that can be relished in an array of brewing methods, spanning from Clover, Chemex, Siphon, Eva Solo to French Press. Their espresso beverages, brewed from a unique hand-crafted brass La Marzocco espresso machine, are another treat. They also boast a diverse range of tea, specialty beverages, and signature concoctions, like Hong Kong Milk Tea, Green Tea Mojito, Cafe Con Leche, Coffee & A Jelly Donut, and the eye-catching Pink Lady—a sweetened berry hibiscus tea crowned with soda.

Coffee Commissary

  • Address: 801 North Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles 90046

Coffee Commissary, committed to the quest for the perfect cup of coffee, has made this pursuit easier with multiple locations across Los Angeles. The café exudes a relaxed, hip vibe, and is well-known for its signature beverages like the delectable Commissary Cubano. The coffee beans, sourced from esteemed roasters in Portland (Coava Coffee Roasters) and Seattle (Victrola Coffee Roasters), are always featured on their special menu. The espresso drinks are lovingly prepared on their 2 Group La Marzocco Strada machine, adding a personal touch to every cup.

Menotti’s Coffee Stop

  • Address: 56 Windward Ave., Venice 90291

Nestled in the sunny realm of Venice Beach, Menotti’s provides a cozy retreat filled with warmth, top-notch service, and remarkable coffee that inevitably brings customers back for more. Menotti’s brews Four Barrel coffee from San Francisco, renowned for its nostalgic roasting style and flavor. Living by their motto of “inspiring the neighborhood together, one cup at a time,” Menotti’s promotes a vibrant social space with its stand-and-sip coffee counter.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

  • Address: 806 South Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles 90021

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, with a relentless emphasis on quality, is rapidly gaining popularity by serving coffee that is simply irresistible. Each hand-held cup of Stumptown coffee infuses your senses with its rich, aromatic allure. A brainchild of Duane Sorenson, Stumptown’s coffee beans are scrupulously sourced, conscientiously roasted, and carefully brewed to draw out the optimum flavor in every single cup.

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