Simple + Cute Easter Crafts for Children

What could be more exciting than preparing for Easter with your little ones through the joy of homemade crafts! These effortless and fun activities make for an ideal family bonding experience this year — many of which can be created with items already available in your home.

These Easter craft proposals are excellent for toddlers and preschoolers due to their simplicity, yet that doesn’t diminish their charming appeal. Have older children? Elevate these crafts to match their skill level and they are guaranteed to enjoy them.

We have compiled some of the most delightful and straightforward Easter Crafts for children from the top Crafting Bloggers across the web! And it’s our pleasure to share them with you!

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Easy Easter Crafts for Kids from the Best Craft Bloggers on the Internet

How to Decoupage Plastic Easter Eggs

From Confessions of an Overworked Mom

You are not obliged to use real eggs to achieve the color scheme you desire for your Easter eggs. Instead, you or your little ones could embellish them with colored paper of your choice.

How To Decoupage Plastic Easter Eggs From Confessions Of An Overworked Mom

Dollar Tree Easter DIY Tray

From Confessions of an Overworked Mom

We adore simple, cost-effective crafts that kids can create for festive occasions, don’t you? This project can be executed using items from the Dollar Tree to maintain affordability.

Dollar Tree Easter Diy Tray From Confessions Of An Overworked Mom

Additional Easter Egg Decoration Ideas: Vintage Spring Animals

Courtesy of Heathered Nest

If your offspring enjoy crafting during holiday seasons, this is an entertaining activity they can undertake this Easter. It requires a handful of supplies, including a computer with a printer and temporary tattoo paper, so prepare in advance to ensure you have these items before beginning.

More Easter egg decorating ideas vintage spring animals from Heathered Nest

Bunny and Chick Tin Can Easter Crafts

Courtesy of Fun Money Mom

Repurposing items that might otherwise be discarded is an excellent strategy for creating inexpensive decorations — or ‘cheep, cheep, cheep’ if you decide to craft a delightful yellow chick from a recycled can!

More Easter egg decorating ideas vintage spring animals from Heathered Nest

Charming Easter Chick Craft

Courtesy of Fun Money Mom

Sweet and fluffy chicks are fun ornaments your children can create for the festive period. You can incorporate them into your table setting as a part of the centerpiece or add them to an Easter basket.

Adorable Easter Chick Craft from Fun Money Mom

Preschool Carrot Craft (Including Free Carrot Template)

Courtesy of Simply Full of Delight

This is an entertaining Easter activity for young kids. Once again, you can repurpose old cardboard — and the remaining materials you’ll likely have at your disposal, except perhaps for the yarn which you may need to purchase.

Preschool Carrot Craft with Free Carrot Template from Simply full of Delight


Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies: An Adorable Easter Bunny Craft for Kids!

Courtesy of Mommy Made That

What could be more enchanting and easier to create than these toilet paper roll bunnies? Plan in advance and start storing your toilet paper tubes now so your little ones can craft these charming creatures for the holiday.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies A Cute Easter Bunny Craft for Kids from Mommy Made That


Simple Origami Easter Chick

From Origami Expressions

Contrary to what one might believe, constructing an origami chick isn’t daunting if you have clear instructions. Our simple, step-by-step guide provides an excellent, mess-free Easter activity for your youngsters.

Entertaining Easter Egg Threading Activity for Children

From Ruffles & Rain Boots

This engaging Easter activity allows toddlers to hone their threading skills over and over. Furthermore, they can make use of any spare colored yarn you have scattered about the house.

Fun Easter Egg Lacing Craft for Kids from Ruffles Rain Boots

Delightful Kid’s Terra Cotta Bunny Craft Using Dollar Tree Items

From Ruffles & Rain Boots

Children are often captivated by Easter bunny decor. We believe this particular craft will sow seeds of joyful memories; recollections of cherished moments spent making festive decorations.

Adorable Dollar Tree Kids Terra Cotta Pot Bunny Craft from Ruffles Rain Boots

Simplified Easter Garland Decorative Craft

From The Typical Mom

If you have a sizable space to embellish for the Easter festivities, or perhaps require more than just table accents or basket adornments, this charming chick garland is a cost-effective method your children can use to beautify any area for the season.

Effortless Easter Bunny Craft with Toilet Paper Rolls for Kids

From Two Kids and a Coupon

We predict your children will be eager to create and play with these delightful Easter bunny crafts made from toilet paper rolls. The instructions are comprehensive, with every step detailed, and there’s even a pattern to make the process smoother.

Easy Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids from Two Kids and a Coupon

Easter Egg Symmetrical Painting

By Little Ladoo

This project may appear slightly chaotic, but it promises to be entertaining. You can broaden the scope by using crayons, colored pencils, or a multitude of other items, in addition to paint, to produce a variety of distinctive eggs. Unleash your creative imagination!

Easter Egg Symmetry Painting from Little Ladoo

Disney-Inspired Egg Stands

Courtesy of Shawn Mosch

Are you enchanted by the magic of Disney? If so, delve into these charming Disney-themed Easter egg stands. Construct them yourself using the guidelines provided in the link.

Disney Egg Holders from Shawn Mosch

DIY Enchanting Easter Stone Art

Courtesy of Sustain My Craft Habit

Provided you have paint and brushes at your disposal, gather some stones and a couple of additional materials, and you’re equipped to craft these endearing Easter stones for a delightful addition to your vernal garden.

Disney Egg Holders from Shawn Mosch

Easter Egg Sun Capturer

Courtesy of Crafts by Amanda

Welcome the sunbeams of this Easter holiday with these captivating Easter egg suncatchers. They are simple for your little ones to craft in any color palette or design they fancy.

Easy Paper Chick Craft from A Hundred Affections

Simplified Paper Chick Artwork

Courtesy of A Hundred Affections

Allow your children to bring to life adorable chicks or bunnies — or perhaps both using this straightforward craft concept. Both creations are showcased when you access the link.

Five-Minute Easter Sweet Jars with Dollar Tree Materials

Courtesy of Creatively Beth

Discover a delightful means to exhibit jellybeans or other treats! These charming Easter jars can be crafted using cost-effective supplies from Dollar Tree.

Minute Colorful Easter Baskets with Dollar Tree from Creatively Beth

Five-Minute Vibrant Easter Baskets with Dollar Tree

Courtesy of Creatively Beth

Your children can assemble these appealing mini egg baskets well in time for the holiday using the instructions outlined here. Moreover, this project is swift, effortless, and economical, especially if you’re repurposing decorative remnants, you already possess.

Enchanting 15-Minute Craft: Dollar Tree Clothespin Bunnies

Contributed by Creatively Beth

Aren’t these charmingly designed clothespin bunnies a sight to behold? Your little ones can create these with wooden clothespins, paint, wobbly eyes, and some additional crafting supplies.

Crafting Encanto Disney Easter Eggs with Cricut

Contributed by Ottawa Mommy Club

If you possess a Cricut, these Encanto movie-inspired eggs are within your reach. You can color the eggs using organic food elements or food dyes. Subsequently, use the complimentary printouts to add those decorative finishing touches.

Delightful Easter Bunny Craft

Contributed by Ottawa Mommy Club

Armed with a handful of basic crafting materials and the template accessible via the link, your kids can create this lovable Easter bunny craft.

Handprint Bunny Card Craft [Complimentary Template]

Contributed by Simple Everyday Mom

This activity also offers a free template that your children can use to simplify the process. Besides this, it merely requires a few supplies which are likely already available in your craft kit.

Crafting Chick Paper Bag Puppet [Complimentary Template]

Contributed by Simple Everyday Mom

Your children will undoubtedly be brimming with anticipation to complete this project before they are ready to engage with their bag puppets. They might even be inspired to stage an Easter puppet performance!

Easter Basket Craft for Kids [Complimentary Template]

Contributed by Simple Everyday Mom

Small baskets brimming with eggs exude a delightful charm during the spring season and the Easter festivities. Your children will relish the experience of crafting this project and adorning their baskets.

Colorful Easter Eggs with Shaving Foam

Inspired by Better Homes & Gardens

Breathe life into the traditional method of dying Easter eggs with an exciting twist. Fuse together shaving cream and food dye to craft vibrant and psychedelic-like eggs to be the highlight of your Easter celebrations this year.

Egg Tray Floral Wreath

Originated from Hobbycraft

Unless revealed, you would scarcely believe that this stunning wreath was fashioned from a repurposed egg carton. The vivid hues, whimsical shapes, and charming pom poms adorning each egg tray flower captivate me. This craft provides an enjoyable way to usher in the spring season and enhance the appeal of your entryway!

Handmade Spring Gift Box

Conceptualized by Momtastic

How enchanting are these boxes? According to the instructions, you could stow away baked delights in each of the egg compartments. However, they could be brimming with anything delightful you choose to gift your children, friends, or significant other this year. Fill them with confections, ornate eggs, baked delicacies, tiny keepsakes, and an array of other enticing items. Display one beautified box at each guest’s setting for a pleasant surprise as your Easter brunch commences.

Easter Egg Stamps Crafted from Potatoes

Courtesy of Premeditated Leftovers

This engaging activity is perfect for children across different age groups! They can leave imprints on a few sheets of paper or cards and distribute Easter greetings to everyone they hold dear. Making such thoughtful gestures will undoubtedly make recipients feel treasured. (This blogger also offers an amazing Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treat recipe that you could explore.)

Entertaining Hand and Foot Paint Activities

Ideas from The Best Ideas for Kids

These tiny crafts are exceptionally meaningful because your children will never be the same age again. Capturing this moment, along with their hand or foot size, is a highly popular and adored family craft. This becomes even more special if these keepsakes are mailed to grandparents.

Easter Egg Decorative String

Presented by The How To Mom

This idea is an adorable addition to any fireplace mantel or dining space. Your little ones can experiment with any egg color palette and customize the string to any length they desire. You might even drape it across the middle of the dining table in a serpentine pattern for a radiant centerpiece!

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Customize the complexity of the hunt to match the age of your child. You can conceal eggs throughout your home, in the backyard, or sprinkle them along your outdoor trail. Any type of exhilarating hunt for eggs or surprises will surely uplift everyone’s spirits on Easter morning. A fun suggestion would be to enclose items other than sweets in the eggs, like money for older kids or amusing handwritten notes and activities for the younger ones.

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