A memorable family road trip in a Chevy Traverse

The quintessential American summer ritual of embarking on road trips offers a wonderful way to strengthen family bonds. Activities like hearty conversations, lively car games, engaging sing-alongs, tranquil car naps, and immersive music-listening enrich the journey, not to mention the opportunity to traverse regions of the country otherwise unexplored if one were to simply fly over.

This summer, my family relished a memorable road trip, chauffeured in a 2018 Chevy Traverse RS. The Traverse belongs to the Chevy’s refreshed lineup of crossover and SUVs, which also includes the Trax, Bolt EV, and Equinox.

Chevy crafted for us a journey that was not only scenic but also filled with exhilarating adventures, all set in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the country. This experience left my family with unforgettable memories.

Family Ready To Head Out on Trip

The Expedition to Glenwood Springs

Our extraordinary voyage began in the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, from where we veered west, meandering into the magnificent Rocky Mountains, with Glenwood Springs as our end point.

The Chevy’s motto, #FindNewRoads, was particularly apt for our journey, as we were treading completely unexplored terrain. It was our family’s inaugural visit to Colorado, which made the exploration truly collective. We drove around downtown Denver, a city adorned with an array of captivating public art, before finally setting off for our main journey.

Being mature enough to endure long journeys, my children demonstrated remarkable patience, a godsend in the event of crippling rush hour traffic, especially on a Friday afternoon while exiting Denver. We proceeded at a snail’s pace, drinking in the captivating beauty of the mountains, before deciding to break for dinner upon reaching Vail.

Stopping For Dinner In Vail

The picturesque setting of Vail Village served as a delightful backdrop for our meal, offering a chance to reconnect after a hectic week and a day full of travel. A leisurely stroll past the inviting shops and along the serene river followed our dinner before we returned to our vehicle for the rest of the journey. Upon arrival at our hotel in Glenwood Springs, we retired for a good night’s sleep, rejuvenating ourselves for the forthcoming day’s escapades.

Excursions in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs brims with a plethora of enjoyable activities suitable for the entire family, including an amusement park, renowned hot springs pools and vapor caves, numerous trails for hiking and biking, and an irresistible offering of rafting on the Colorado River.

Our family handpicked a rafting adventure that was perfectly tailored to our novice skill level, providing us with an incredibly enjoyable experience. For a duration of two hours, we disconnected from the digital world, sharing our journey with a group of ladies enjoying a weekend getaway. As we smoothly navigated the gentle rapids, both in and on the water, we were steered by an exceptionally friendly guide named Rabbit. It was an absolutely delightful experience; calming, invigorating, and filled with joy.

Family On River Raft Trip In Glenwood Springs Colorado

Interestingly, Glenwood Springs holds a modest role in the annals of the Old West. We managed to fit in a hike to explore this historic element, leading us to the resting place of Doc Holliday, a companion of Wyatt Earp and a key figure in the legendary Gunfight at the OK Corral. His grave is in an old cemetery, uniquely situated high above the town. Intriguingly, the trailhead starts in a residential area, offering a stark contrast between the quiet neighborhood and the historic site.

Navigating in the Chevy Traverse

Irrespective of the traffic conditions on the I-70 (or likely anywhere), the Chevy Traverse offers an impressively comfortable driving experience. Thanks to its three-row seating arrangement, my family was able to comfortably spread out, making our long-distance journey more enjoyable.

Indeed, the Chevy Traverse boasts a cargo space of 98.2 cubic feet, a fact my husband and children amusingly demonstrated with a mock loading activity, courtesy of Chevy. Even though we didn’t carry nearly as much luggage for this trip, it was impressive to realize just how spacious the interior is.Family Has Loaded Traverse With 98.2 Cubic Feet Of Stuff

With its remarkable acceleration, the Traverse had no issue keeping pace with (and occasionally surpassing) the speed limits. Despite its performance, it never felt strained. It was more akin to smoothly sailing down the highway. Both driving and riding as a passenger in this vehicle was a sheer pleasure.

Every aspect of the interior, from the finely adjustable seats to the climate control, and the audio and navigation systems, was designed for maximum comfort.

Chevy’s Advanced Technology

Chevy has packed the Traverse (and all of its Crossover vehicles) with a vast array of technology options available in their App Shop. Naturally, it offers navigation and OnStar services, but the Traverse goes a step further by providing its own Wi-Fi network, capable of connecting up to 7 devices. For in-car entertainment, you can tune into traditional radio or Sirius XM, and thanks to a partnership with Audible, you can listen to audiobooks during your drive.

My Guys On A Morning Hike In Glenwood Springs

Chevy has also innovated a Marketplace, streamlining your purchases. Do you have a regular order at Dunkin Donuts? Simply press the corresponding button on the dash screen while you’re on the move and pick up your ready-to-eat order from inside or via the drive-through. Popular chains such as McDonald’s and IHOP are also included in the Marketplace, with Shell being the latest addition.

Chevrolet incorporates a Teen Driver feature in their technology suite, enabling parents to supervise their children’s driving habits as they learn. This functionality provides comprehensive reports on speed and braking patterns. Alternatively, it allows parents to impose certain restrictions such as speed and radio volume. Moreover, the system is designed to disable the radio unless seat belts are securely fastened.

Shared Enjoyment with Growing Adolescents

As my children reach the ages of 15 and 18, finding common interests or coordinating time to spend together becomes increasingly challenging. Differing schedules, work commitments, travels, and school demands, all contribute to this complexity. Occasionally, the only solution is to take a break and escape the mundane routine.

Our monumental road journey in a Chevrolet Traverse served as an excellent opportunity to cherish valuable family time, which is increasingly scarce in today’s fast-paced world. The trip was thoroughly enjoyable, and I express my gratitude to Chevrolet for hosting us. It was a memorable experience driving the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS through the picturesque landscapes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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