Grand Hope Park exploration in Downtown LA

A must-visit destination in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is the captivating Grand Hope Park. Situated adjacent to the esteemed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), this charming park is not only beautifully landscaped but also features an inviting entrance. When searching for exciting activities and attractions in downtown Los Angeles, be sure to include a stop at Grand Hope Park on your itinerary!

Park and Neighborhood:

  • Grand Hope Park in Downtown Los Angeles


  • Situated at the intersection of W 9th Street and Hope, Los Angeles, CA 90017, Grand Hope Park offers a delightful urban retreat.

Operating Hours:

  • The park welcomes visitors from 7am until dusk, providing ample time to enjoy its offerings.


  • Within the park, a versatile play area caters to individuals of all age groups. Its rubberized surface ensures a comfortable and safe environment for both young children taking their first steps and older kids engaging in playful activities.


  • Grand Hope Park stands as a serene oasis meticulously maintained in every aspect. Spanning over 2.5 acres, the park showcases functional art throughout its premises. Notable features include an elegant clock tower, a mesmerizing fountain, an angelic sculpture positioned at the entrance, and numerous captivating coyote statues scattered around. Safety measures are also prioritized, evident from the encircling gates and the constant presence of a vigilant park guard. Regrettably, the park does not permit the presence of dogs.


  • Convenient parking options surround Grand Hope Park. Within walking distance, there are paid parking lots available, while metered parking is accessible along the park’s perimeter.

Where to Find Refreshments:

  • Grand Hope Park can be found at the heart of downtown, nestled in an area known as South Park. The vicinity is teeming with an abundance of eateries, coffee shops, delightful pop-up food trucks, and captivating stores. Just stroll across the street or venture a few blocks in any direction. If you wish to make this visit one among many, explore the nearby Fashion District, Little Tokyo, and the Arts District!


  • Grand Hope Park is an exquisite oasis situated right in the center of Downtown Los Angeles. In the mornings, you’ll witness young men and women gracefully jogging through the park. During lunchtime, students from FIDM and professionals working in the vicinity pause to enjoy a meal or catch up on reading while sitting on a bench. In the afternoons, families gather near the fountain and playground, engaging in playful activities. This splendid park is a haven for all, offering respite to both residents and those who work nearby. Take a moment to experience its allure!

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