Exploring Parks in Los Angeles: A Journey from Valley to Beach

Park and Neighborhood:

  • LA High Memorial Park in Los Angeles


  • 4625 W Olympic Blvd
  • Los Angeles, CA 90019

Play Area:

Within LA High Memorial Park, there is a delightful play area suitable for all ages, featuring a rubber surface. Nestled near the library, the play area is surrounded by lush green grass. For a truly enjoyable experience, it is recommended to visit the park during the morning or early afternoon.


Situated in a charming section just off Olympic Blvd, LA High Memorial Park stands across from Los Angeles High School. Moreover, an added convenience is the Memorial Branch Library, a small yet historically significant Tudor-style establishment. Perfectly suited for families and young children, the library offers restroom facilities for both park and library visitors.


In close proximity to the park and library, ample street parking is available. It is advisable to carefully observe street signs, as certain areas have time limits and designated no-parking hours.

Where to Indulge in Coffee or Snacks:

LA High Memorial Park finds itself conveniently located approximately half a mile away from Wilshire Blvd, near Miracle Mile. Within a mile radius, specifically around Highland and Wilshire Blvd, numerous eateries such as Jinya Ramen Bar, Fat Burger, and Starbucks can be found, catering to a variety of culinary preferences.


Radiating an art deco style reminiscent of the early 1900s, LA High Memorial Park preserves its historical charm since its inception. Complementing the park, the library boasts an enchanting Tudor-style architecture. The overall atmosphere of both the park and library is quaint, family-friendly, and serves as a remarkable destination for quality time with your little ones.

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