Palms Park: West Los Angeles’ Playground for Leisure and Connection

Los Angeles, renowned for its delightful climate, bestows upon its residents the wonderful advantage of enjoying the outdoors for the majority of the year. To aid you in discovering these extraordinary open-air sanctuaries, we present a series showcasing various parks and the multitude of experiences they encompass. In this edition, we embark on a virtual journey to Palms Park, nestled in the heart of West Los Angeles.

Park and Neighborhood:
Palms Park in West Los Angeles

2950 Overland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Play Area:

Within this park, there exists a singular play area that caters to individuals of all age groups. The utilization of a rubberized surface facilitates effortless play for both toddlers taking their initial steps and older children.


Palms Park finds itself nestled amidst the Palms Community Center and the Palms-Rancho Park Library. The premises boast basketball courts, an expansive soccer field, a verdant grassy area, a sizable picnic spot furnished with BBQ stands, a publicly accessible library, and a community center alongside a preschool.


To accommodate visitors of the park and library, two complimentary parking lots are available.

Where to Indulge in Coffee or Snacks:

Palms Park occupies an ideal location, enveloped by an array of stores, restaurants, and shops. Merely a short distance away, less than a mile, lies the Westside Pavilion Mall on Pico and Overland. Several shopping centers with grocery stores can be found along National Blvd. Moreover, a brief walk across the freeway overpass leads you to the Coffee Bean.


Palms Park emanates an inviting and family-oriented ambiance. Every aspect of this locale exudes a sense of family-centricity. The amalgamation of a public library, preschool, community center, and park within a single vicinity is truly remarkable. On numerous Saturday mornings, one can witness the excitement of children’s soccer games. On weekdays, youngsters engage in play at the preschool, a small playground, or immerse themselves in captivating storytime sessions at the library.

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