Exploring West Los Angeles’ Stoner Park

Park and Neighborhood:

Stoner Park in Los Angeles, CA

1835 Stoner Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025

Play Area:

Within the expansive grounds of Stoner Park in West LA, we encounter a single play area featuring a sandy surface, designed to cater to children aged two and above.


Nestled in a tranquil and welcoming neighborhood, Stoner Park & Rec Center offers a wide array of amenities to suit everyone’s preferences. From a skate park, tennis courts, and a playground to a baseball field, basketball courts, and soccer goals, this park has it all. In the summer, they even provide free sports camps, a massive pool with a splash pad, and enjoyable movie nights.


Whether you prefer street parking or metered parking, Stoner Park offers ample options throughout its entire perimeter, allowing you to conveniently find a spot for your vehicle.

Where to Enjoy a Coffee or Snack:

Situated less than a mile away from the vibrant Sawtelle neighborhood and the delightful eateries along Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA, as well as several grocery stores, Stoner Park allows you to make a quick stop for a refreshing coffee or snack before immersing yourself in the perfect picnic experience outdoors.


Stoner Park serves as a hub of activity, catering to a diverse range of community needs. People of all ages, including children and adults, benefit from the extensive range of services and amenities offered here. During the day, the playground and skate park buzz with the energy of numerous kids, while summer camps provide engaging activities. At night, adults can be found playing tennis, basketball, or engaging in recreational sports on the field. It’s worth noting that due to the high volume of usage, the restroom facilities are not cleaned frequently. It is advisable to use the restroom either at home or at a nearby eatery before heading over to the park.

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